I can walk without crutches again!

16 Oct

I can walk without crutches again! Hehe… What was that about? Actually, I am just so glad that, after more than two weeks of walking with crutches, my doctor told me I can now walk without them! Let’s rewind to the night more than two weeks before. As I was about to cross the street, my left foot was run over by a car. It was actually my fault. I didn’t even stop to see that the car was already in front of me. It was a good thing, though, that the owners of the car were a kind old couple. They immediately brought me the doctor and had my foot x-rayed. The doctor said it was just a small fracture but my foot was badly swollen. I texted my coach and told him I had an accident and that was why I didn’t arrive for training. My sis lent me a pair of crutches and my foot was put in a cast. I called my mom in far away Mindanao (I’m in Laguna) to tell her and she was hysterical while scolding me and worrying about me at the same time. My dad visited me every week after that. I don’t want to repeat the experience. Walking with crutches is, for me, a lot more tiring than walking normally. Also, it is S…L…O…W…E…R, and I am just not used to walking slowly! But, then again, walking fast is probably the reason why I had an accident in the first place. Oh well, I’ll probably just be a little slower in crossing the street next time. Anyway, this is my second day of walking without crutches. I truly savored it and went around town to do a little shopping. Now, I think I’m in a better mood to start studying for my last 2 final exams.


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