What’s your idea of being patriotic? Do you consider yourself patriotic?

13 Mar

Patriotism should come in the form of service to your own country. In whatever way that you can do as an individual, do it so that you may contribute to change for the good of your country. Also, be proud of where you are. True, there will always something negative in your place of citizenship, but that doesn’t undermine the fact that, to a degree, it has done something for you too. It is where your home is, your culture, your society.

I consider myself patriotic. I am proud of being Filipino. We may be a third world country and our government is corrupt but, in the words of my father, “It’s still alive and kicking.” There is still hope for it. We have lots of resources. The Philippines is a megadiversity country. The treasure of our country is its people. There is no such thing as “Filipino time”! Just saying these things shows that I am proud of my country.
I wish that our current president, GMA, will not have her way and that we will have an election. I will not vote for her. What is it with power? I believe every human being is essentially good. But power has a tendency to corrupt even a politician who has started out with good intentions. My parent’s generation saw what power did to President Marcos, who I actually consider to be one of our more competent presidents. No one should be allowed to stay in power for too long.
Our next president may be better or maybe worse. But change in our country does not depend on one person. I, for one, should change my study habits. What does that have to do with serving my country? I am a student of the University of the Philippines. It is one of the premier universities in the Philippines. It is subsidized by the state. The money that pays part of our tuition fees and provides us with facilities comes from the taxpayers of my country. I should be ashamed that I used to waste what was given by the state because of my failing grades.
According to Jose Rizal, our national hero, (translated into English), “The youth are the hope of the country.” Hope starts with education.


2 Responses to “What’s your idea of being patriotic? Do you consider yourself patriotic?”

  1. LaNeshe October 7, 2009 at 2:58 pm #

    This is a very nice post.

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