28 Jul

Don’t come to class unprepared. If you’re unprepared, don’t come to class!!! That is my motto. “Absenot” is a Bisaya colloquial term for a person who often misses his/her classes, whether the reason is valid or not. That is the kind of student that I am. I was absent for my Plane Trigonometry class today. I’m being complacent. Just because the lowest score I ever got in that subject was a “B” doesn’t mean I’m safe from failing it. I’ve incurred several absences in my other subjects already. I should get my act together or else I will be faced with immense stress when its exam week or during the passing of requirements. This is my second, and probably last, shot in college. I’ve had to transfer to a different school for this school year. You see, for three consecutive semesters, I have had failing subjects. My parents weren’t too pleased with that. Eventually, I felt them pressuring me so I had to make a deal with them: if I flunked another subject, it’s goodbye UPLB for me. Well, unfortunately, I flunked one of my chemistry subjects last sem. So, I went back home to Mindanao from Laguna and transferred to Xavier University, which is my current school this semester. It isn’t so bad here in Xavier. It’s also a good and established university like UP. However, the cultures in these two schools are very different from each other. Xavier is a Catholic private institution while the latter is government-supervised. In XU, the undergraduate students wear uniforms and IDs. The dress code is strict here and we have several units to take on “religious studies”. The University of the Philippines is a lot more like the real world where the training will determine if you will sink or swim. Who cares about how you look? Who cares about what you say? Student activists can even hold rallies inside the campus and no one will bother them. UP isn’t religious. It’s up to you to choose your values. It’s up to you to form study habits or not. No one will remind you. UP is freedom. I miss that place.


2 Responses to “Absenot!!!”

  1. LaNeshe October 13, 2009 at 6:11 pm #

    Good luck getting back on track.

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