Lab a dub dub!!!

30 Jul

Yesterday (Tuesday) I only had one class: English 16. And we answered our SRA.

Does anybody else here know about SRA?
It’s a set of modules that will supposedly help you improve your reading comprehension. I can’t believe it. I’m already in college and I’m still taking this. We didn’t have this in UP! I already went through this in high school. Do you guys think I still need it? 
No matter. The selections we read are enjoyable sometimes.

I woke up a little late this morning and my first class starts at 7:30 am so I didn’t take breakfast. I got irritated at my sister because she was being such a worrywart that the food that was prepared for my breakfast would spoil and go to waste. I already decided that I was going to eat it for lunch because I also hated wasting food. Who does she think she is?! That she is this holier-than-thou person that is the only one who cares about wasting things??? She just ruined my morning with her bagutbot!

(bagutbot = murmuring criticisms for another person to yourself)

And she said she didn’t care if I developed an ulcer from skipping meals. Hah!!! If she didn’t care, why was she being so annoying about it?! 
Hoy sis! I know how to take care of myself because I am not the immature little girl that you think I am.
I better show her that she must give me some respect because I’m older than her. Well, this is the result of living far away from your family for 4 years. You’re not there to show your younger siblings who’s boss. 

Ugh. I wasn’t feeling well during my chemistry laboratory class. My sinusitis was acting up again and, as a result, I had a minor headache on the right side of my face. But, fortunately, I was able to finish the experiment on time and with no mistakes, on my part anyway. My laboratory partner, I don’t know how, confused concentrated hydrochloric acid with 95% ethanol. Because of that, we lost some of the RNA that we were supposed to isolate and some acid almost burned my hand! Oh well…

Well, I’m not going to attend the university-wide general assembly tonight for these reasons:
(1) I don’t have an outfit anyway. They have a dress code and we have to wear something retro. No time to shop.
(2) My mom needs me back home in Bukidnon, 1 hour away from the city where I study. Somebody has to help her mind the store tomorrow (Thursday) and withdraw some money from the ATM in the local COOP. She doesn’t entrust just anyone with this errand. You never know when an employee will steal from you. (Well, if I stole from her, it would be considered taking out some additional allowance without permission.  )
(3) I have no class tomorrow because it’s the feast of one of the founders of the Society of Jesus, or the Jesuits. We honor it because my school was founded by Jesuits.


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