Assertiveness 101, Lesson # 1

3 Nov

The Ubiquitous Philippine Jeepney

That thief of a conductor really pissed me off last night. I should have complained the moment he returned my change for my 500 peso bill. Imagine! 70 pesos from Camp Phillips to Gaisano! Potah! The student fare is only 35 pesos from Camp Phillips, Bukidnon to Gusa, Cagayan de Oro City and I only pay seven pesos from Gusa to Gaisano City Mall. The total correct fare is much less than 70 friggin’ pesos! Lamentably, I only complained when I arrived in Gaisano. That insolent teenage boy only refunded 10 pesos to me then rode off in the jeepney. Potah! It’s a good thing I don’t usually commute in that kind of jeepney: it travels to Bugo and has the license plate number KVR 971. Take note of that and avoid it!

Moral of the story: be assertive when you know your rights! Complain. Don’t be conned by a lowly con-ductor!

Your Last Letter

by Arlene Yandug

is typewritten.


as usual.

This time

the wit

and fondness

is gone.


Like fishbone.

At the bottom,

your signature

betrays yourself:


like tear



like claws


on heart’s


Your Last Letter by Arlene Yandug. Bituon. A Literary Folio of Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan. Vol 1 2008.


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