Awkward moments

4 Nov

Repost from November 4, 2008:

Awkward moment # 1

Today was the first meeting of my Chemistry 14.1 (Chemical Instrumentation) class. After Dr. Kwong’s lecture, we went to the instrumentation room to view the Atomic Absorption Spectrometer. After my turn to look at it, Dr. Kwong interrogated me about why I transferred from the University of the Philippines to Xavier University. I was embarrassed to tell the truth that last semester was my last chance and, when I failed a subject, my parents made me transfer to another school. She was, after all, a colleague and friend of Dr. Flavier, my former professor and director of the Institute of Chemistry in UPLB. She sounded intimidating. So I told a half-truth that my parents made me transfer. When she pressed further, I hesitated in replying. Finally, she said, “Nagminaldita siguro ka, no?” (You were being naughty, weren’t you?)

Me: Ah…

Dr. Kwong: Nagkaboyfriend ka siguro, no? (You got a boyfriend, didn’t you?)

Me: Yes, Ma’am.

Dr. Kwong: Where is your boyfriend now?

Me: Ex na, Ma’am. (I broke up with him last December 2007.)

Dr. Kwong: Ah ex na diay. Dapat humanon na nimo [my studies]. (So you broke up already. You should finish your studies first.) So, is he still studying in UPLB?

Me: No, Ma’am. He’s already working in Laguna.

Dr. Kwong: Oh, so he’s older than you. Dapat jud ka paulion (it’s for the best that you were forced to go home).

Well, the boyfriend story was only part of the reason. A couple of consecutive semesters before I had my first boyfriend, I failed some subjects. My parents were already pressuring me to transfer to another school. The second semester last school year was supposed to be my last chance at proving myself but after we broke up, I found out some things about my lying, cheating, stupid asshole of an ex-boyfriend so I got depressed and angry for a while and it badly affected my studies. So there, I failed another subject and it was goodbye UPLB and hello Xavier University. Sometimes, I still miss my old university but this fresh new start isn’t so bad after all.

Awkward moment # 2

I was hungry after my Chemistry 14.1 class so I bought some snacks from an office on the fourth floor of the Science Center building. There were some student assistants chatting inside. As I opened the door, they suddenly stopped talking and all five of them looked at me! For a moment, I just gave them a curiously surprised look and then they all burst out laughing. Not at me, I’m sure, but at themselves because they thought they embarrassed me. I just picked some snacks and juice and paid and left the room. But I was also laughing to myself because of what happened.

Awkward moment # 3

I was riding the jeepney home to my pad when it stopped in front of a high school and a load of students got on. I moved a little to the side of the bench to accommodate more students. The girl sitting beside me was clearly startled when my elbow moved and brushed her arm. It was amusing because she looked terrified as if I would hurt her or something! So I just said I was sorry.

A Filipino saying:

“Ang hindi marunong tumingin sa pinanggalingan,

hindi makakarating sa paroroonan.”


“Those who do not know how recollect their past,

cannot move on to the future.”


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