Family Tree

6 Nov

The ancestry that I am about to relate is from my mother’s side. This last summer (summer in the Philippines is from the end of March to the start of June) my mother’s family and relatives – the Eufemio – Aurelia Gallentes clan – got together for a reunion in Bohol. It is in Bohol that I can trace back my ancestry up to my great – great grandparents.

At the beach in Bohol

Cathedral in Bohol

My great – great grandfather, Felipe Gallentes, was married to Martina Pagaran. They resided in Pasong, Garcia – Hernandez, Bohol. Their son, Eufemio (1902 – 1992), married Aurelia Pajigal (1906 – 1995) from Lungsodaan, Garcia – Hernandez, Bohol, on August 18, 1923. Her parents were Jose Pajigal and Ana Galendez.

Mio (Eufemio) and Aure (Aurelia) had 10 children that they reared in Bohol. One of their sons, Epifanio, my grandfather, married Mercedes Pagulong, also from Bohol, at the age of 22. My grandmother, Lola Ciding as we called her, was 16 when she got married. Her parents were Pia Galido (from Bohol) and Castor Pagulong, who was from Camiguin.

My aunts and uncles, my mother (4th from left, front row), my grandfather and grandmother, and a couple of cousins

Lolo Panio (Epifanio Gallentes) and Lola Ciding had 13 children, three of which had died in childhood. They resided in Bohol during the early years of their marriage but the family eventually moved to Mialin, Clarin, Ozamiz, Misamis Occidental. One of their daughters, Diosdada, my mother, became a midwife. She was working at Phillips Memorial Hospital, Camp Phillips, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon when she met my father, Alexander Faelden Wabe. His parents – my paternal grandparents – are Aurelia Faelden and Francisco Wabe, Sr.

My daddy and mommy in Thailand, posing in front of the Giant Reclining Buddha

My parents were married on January 3, 1987 in my mother’s hometown. Our family first lived in Camp Phillips, Bukidnon. We eventually moved to Damilag, Manolo Fortich Bukidnon and have resided there until the present. I am the eldest of four children.

My Daddy

I am often mistaken for a half – Japanese girl because of my last name and looks. However, my parents are pure Filipino. Maybe, on my dad’s side, we had Japanese ancestry but I don’t know much about my dad’s ancestors.

My younger brothers Archemedes (Ar-Ar, the tall one) and Johncopernicus (Nico), younger sister Katherine (Mamay), and Mommy

It's me!

My cousins, uncle (deceased), aunt, and little niece

My Auntie Rose, dad's older sister

Me and my cousin, Kristy Tiu


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  1. LaNeshe Miller November 10, 2009 at 7:46 pm #

    Nice post, lovely pictures.

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