The Latest in Manga

16 Oct

Hajime no Ippo
Chapter 870: High Power Frontal Barrage
The bout between Woli and Ippo is still in high gear during the second round. The Indonesian champion is using his agility to the max to avoid our protagonist’s gale force punches!

Woli vs Ippo Makunochi

Ippo Makunochi vs Woli


Chapter 468: Hachibi and Kyuubi

Madara’s revelations about his grand plan pushes through the formation of the first Shinobi Alliance between the five Shinobi countries. However, the fates of the Hachibi and Kyuubi are still under debate.

The Shinobi Alliance

The Shinobi Alliance


Chapter 378:  Eyes of the Victor

The shinigami trapped inside the world of Hollows are no match against Yammy in his true form. He was about to kill off Rukia when Ichigo comes to the rescue. Although victorious in his battles above the dome of Los Noches, he seems unwilling to cut down his enemies, yet he must defeat Yammy to protect his friends and return to the real world.

Rukia in Yammys mercy!

Rukia in Yammy's mercy!

Fairy Tail

Chapter 155: Last Man

Read this chapter and Erza will become your favorite character in Fairy Tail. She is just badass!

Erza vs Midnight

Erza vs Midnight


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