Die Mashimaro! Die!

19 Oct

I got really pissed over something small and silly last Sunday. Now, that I’ve cooled down, I’ll tell you what happened.

I had a project I needed to make that day, which was my final requirement for a Basic Computer class. I didn’t need that subject but I had no choice but to take it anyway because it was part of the curriculum. Now, it became the source of my irritation.

Access to the internet was required for that project. Me and my siblings have unlimited broadband internet at home. However, the signal was so bad on that day that I decided it was better to surf the net outside in an internet cafe’.

But, what the hell (!), suddenly there was a brownout!!!

I had not downloaded everything I needed yet so, assuming the brownout occurred only in the street where the first internet cafe’ was located, I walked to another part of the city where I found an internet cafe’ that was still operating.

But, what the hell again (!), the brownout reached that internet cafe’ only 10 minutes after I logged-in!!! And I had to pay for those 10 minutes!!! AAAGGGHHH!!!

Told you it was just a small and silly problem. But I get worked up over the smallest stuff.

Anyway, due to my anger and frustration, I decided to go to the mall to let it all out in the arcade then find and internet cafe’ that was operating, assuming the mall has a generator. I bought 8 tokens and played two games that involved hitting stuff: Super Mashimaro and Hammer!.

Super Mashimaro is similar to ‘Whack a Mole’. But, instead of moles, characters related to the Korean merchandise icon pop out and you have to hit them squarely on the head when the blue light is on and you gain points. If a character pops out with a red light, and you hit it with the hammer, you lose points instead. As soon as I figured that out, I slipped in 1 token, pressed single-player mode, and whacked away!

BAM! BAM! BAM! People were looking at me like I was mad, or something.



Depending on the number of points you make, you get a corresponding number of tickets, which you can exchange for prizes.

The other game, Hammer!, involves hitting enemy targets with a plastic hammer through a touch screen. Each game also costs 1 token. I also enjoyed this one since, as the game progresses, the targets also move faster.

I didn’t get the high score nor get any tickets, though.

I entered another internet cafe’ afterwards and got all I needed for my project. Hayyy…


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