Kigeki (Comedy)

12 Nov

I can’t get enough of this short animated film!

“Kigeki (Comedy) is a short anime film produced in 2002 by Studio 4°C, and directed by Kazuto Nakazawa. It features ‘two Schubert pieces, ‘Ave Maria’ and ‘Erlkönig’.” – subbedfilms on

The narrator, a 20 year old Irish peasant girl, recounts her encounter with a lone Black Swordsman. He accepts the rare book she offers in exchange for saving her village from the English invaders. It turns out that his taste in literature is not the only peculiar thing about him. He also has a liking for human flesh.

What an appetite! He ate all 200 soldiers in one night! But, apparently, he doesn’t eat small children.

Bottomline, it’s just another dark fairytale. Just like the original versions of the Grimm’s collection. Just the way I like it.

A better review and film analysis can be found here.


The real Black Forest is located in Germany.



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