Sunday Comics #1

30 Nov

Every Sunday, the Philippine Daily Inquirer issue would come with a special leaflet for comics, all in colored pages. Following this tradition, I’m going to start posting a comic strip every Sunday, and I’m going to add an English translation so that English-speaking foreign visitors can have a glimpse of Pinoy humor. I know it’s already Monday and a bit late but I’ll start this week anyway. I’ll color the comics next time since I’m in a hurry.

All images are the property of their respective artists.

Pugad Baboy by Pol Medina, Jr.

(1st frame)

Mang Dagul: Look at that. Because of Broadband and WAP, we can now regularly see and talk to our relatives that live in far-away places.

(2nd frame)

Mang Dagul: However, we also lost our need to get out of the house and interact physically with other people.

(3rd frame)

Mang Dagul: Patintero became Ragnarok, lunch meetings became video conferencing, and going to the library became Google and Wikipedia!

(4th frame)

Debbie: Let’s go shopping!

Mang Dagul: Oh, come on. You can do that online!


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