Sunday Comics #2

6 Dec

Kiko Machine by Manix Abrera


(1st frame)

Guy #1 (with spiky hair): Tsk! HWOOH! It’s finals again! ARRRGH!

Guy #2 (with long hair): Hehe…that’s okay… don’t worry…

(2nd frame)

Guy #2: I have a technique to calm myself during exams week, eh…I always bring a book of sayings… NAKS! It lightens my feelings…

(3rd frame)

Guy #2: Close your eyes and open a page, then try to apply the first saying that you read…

Guy #1: Uhh…how about this?! “The greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.”

(4th frame)

Guy #1: HWOW! Why not? For now, I’ll risk my grade! You never know, I might pass without studying! HWAHA! This is cool! I’ll borrow this for  a while, ha? WAHOO! Oy tsong! Let’s watch a movie!

Guy #2: Maybe I should have lent you a Bible instead…


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