Monday Manga #2

7 Dec

All images are properties of their respective artists.

Bleach by Tite Kubo

Chapter 384: Can’t Fear Your Own Sword

Hisagi and Captain Komamura are shocked at what Tousen has done to himself.

Tousen has revealed his Vizard form, which both shocks and saddens his former lieutenant and friend. A battle of swords and emotions ensue as Hisagi and Komamura both attempt to bring their old friend back to his senses.

Detective Conan by Gosho Aoyama

Chapter 716: Tori no Ichi (Rooster Festival)

The Rooster Festival

A new mystery!

Rooster Day comes every 12 days, and for the past few Rooster Festivals, a series of purse snatching attacks have terrorized the celebrating populace. The prime suspect is the Tori Man who got his name from wearing a Hyotokko mask during the crimes. The case gets even stranger when he strikes again, leaving behind the purses from past victims, and a stabbing victim. Will Conan be able to catch the Tori Man, or rather, the “Nine Monkeys”?

Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto

Chapter 474: Prepared to Act as a Hokage

Sai tells Naruto the truth

Naruto didn’t believe in Sakura’s confession. To avoid misunderstanding, Sai proceeds to tell him the truth, which is the plan of the Leaf Village ninjas to eliminate Sasuke themselves. Naruto is even more shocked by this development and is momentarily lost in mixed feelings. However, Gaara arrives and reminds him of his dream of becoming Hokage, and of what it takes in his character to become one.

One Piece by Eiichiro Oda

Chapter 566: Fierce Attack

"Taking a Cola break between adventures!!"

One strike and Ace would have been executed. However, he is saved by Crocodile, who momentarily sets aside his grudge for Whitebeard so that he can foil the plans of the World Government. Meanwhile, Luffy faces off the Three Admirals, and the rest of the pirates have scaled the barricades and reached the plaza with the help of Oars. The climax is building up in this colossal battle that you shouldn’t miss!

Claymore by Norihiro Yagi

Chapter 98: Bursting in Tears

Yuma runs away from the Awakened monsters.

Cynthia loses her limbs and most of her organs to save her comrade. She confesses to Yuma that, all along, she had only been waiting to die. But Yuma can’t accept this and attempts to regenerate her body despite her lack of experience with this skill. Meanwhile, Alicia and Beth face off Priscilla, but they are no match for her even if she is only in her human form.

Hajime no Ippo by George Morikawa

Chapter 876: One in a Million

Ippo won't stop fighting!

Ippo sees a one in a million chance in the midst of losing. But he’s actually left worse off than before. His opponent, after all, has proven himself to be a true genius.


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