Monday Manga #8

18 Jan

All images are properties of their respective artists.

Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto

Chapter 478: Susanoo Completed


Sasuke is paralyzed by a seal planted by Danzou.

Sasuke is about to finish off Danzou with his sword but is stopped by a seal that paralyzed him. However, memories of his brother spurred the hatred inside him, therefore giving him power to break the seal and release a different form of Susanoo. Meanwhile, Karin and Madara observe Danzou, and the latter deduces that all his power served a single purpose: to control the Nine-Tailed Fox. Also, Madara deduces that Danzou uses special forbidden technique of the Uchiha: Izanagi.

One Piece by Eiichiro Oda

Chapter 570: The Bridge of Life

The fight continues after Luffy releases his haki.

Luffy, with the aid of the best pirates in the world, is inches closer to saving Ace. But, at the last minute, his grandfather steps in the way. The next chapter will feature a battle between two blood relatives!

Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima

Chapter 166:  A Black Dragon

Excitement envelopes the whole town of Magnolia when Gildarts returns from a hundred-year quest.

Chapter 167: Vanishing Town

Wendy and the boy who saved her meet again.

Charle is acting strangely cold towards Happy despite his attempts to kindle a friendship with her. She walks out in the rain and is followed by Wendy who promptly gives her a scolding. Out on the streets, they encounter Mystogan, who reveals his face that closely resembles Gerard. It is revealed that he was actually the boy who accompanied Wendy in the past. But this reunion is not joyous because he has failed in his mission and the Anima will wipe out the town of Magnolia and Fairy Tail.

Bleach by Tite Kubo

Chapter 388: Eagle Without Wings

The gate to the human world opened up right behind Aizen!

Ichigo arrives in the human world through the gate that opens behind Aizen. He launches an initial attack but fails because of Aizen’s well-calculated defense. At first, it seems that he is too powerful for Ichigo, but the shinigami captains and Vizards eventually band together by his side to help him.

Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn by Akira Amano

Chapter 273: Absorption

The battle reaches a critical point as Ghost sucks up everyone's dying flames.

Ghost is slowly killing everyone by absorbing their flames. Kikyou recounts its origins: Ghost is Byakuran from another parallel universe. The transfer process was a failure. The other Byakuran’s world was destroyed and all that was left of him is a being that absorbs flames. It was caught by the Vindice when some Mafia members were killed in a test run of its abilities. It’s still unclear why the main Byakuran had it released at this time. Tsuna steps in to save the others. He uses a special technique that has a similar effect as Ghost’s ability. An unpredictable collision ensues.

XXXholic by CLAMP

Chapter 192

Watanuki has fulfilled the Shamisen Player's wish.

The Shamisen Player’s wish was fulfilled and has exchanged her shamisen for payment. Later, Mokona and Watanuki discuss the latter’s method of running the store over a cup of sake. Also, they discuss Shaoran and the other Mokona’s whereabouts. Watanuki’s resolve to fulfill his promise to Yuuko is as strong as ever.

Detective Conan by Gosho Aoyama

Chapter 720: The Kappa’s Curse

The kappa's curse shall be broken in the next chapter!

The police had arrived on the scene and started investigating the latest death caused by drowning. However, this time, it was found out that it could only be murder by using a bucket full of polluted water. But, the question is, whodunit?


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