‘Babuyan Island’ and Ukay shopping

18 Feb

Last February 13, 2010, I hurriedly commuted from my home in the province back to Cagayan de Oro to catch the 7:30 pm staging of ‘Babuyan Island’, which is a play by Palanca Award-winning writer German Gervacio. I arrived 15 minutes late but I was still ushered into the XU Little Theater because I already purchased a ticket last Tuesday.

The play is in dyad with a very simple setting. But it wasn’t boring because of the complex and layered dialogue between the two main characters. Only the screenwriter, Carlos, and Toni, the starlet, are visible. They engage in a mind game and intriguing conversation about life, love, relationships, and dreams inside Carlos’ hut. They are in Babuyan Island for the shooting of an erotic movie.

I need to submit a literary analysis on this play for my English subject later in the week. I also bought the play bill to aid me.

Giovanni Tampus plays Carlos while Phoebe Gayanelo plays Toni. The play is directed by Bart Savior. Other play dates are shown at the end of this video:

It wasn’t my curfew yet when the play ended so I went shopping in Divisoria’s night market and to buy some medicine for my tooth (it’s infected again). I ended up with a black beret, a dark purple long-sleeved bolero, and a stuffed toy for my cat, for a total cost of about $5.

That night at Divisoria was even more special as it was also the Big Night of the Pinoy Big Brother Double-Up Edition. Tibo, our very own participant from Cagayan de Oro City, was among the Big Five. Fire dancing and fireworks lit up the night.


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