Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant (2009)

2 Mar

The Vampire’s Assistant is now showing in theaters in Cagayan de Oro. I was urged to watch this movie eversince I saw the trailer late last year. I thought the trailer was funny and the older vampire was cool. But I had forgotten about it before I spotted the movie poster last week. I didn’t read the whole title at first because the “The Vampire’s Assistant” was in larger font. My attention was caught by the picture that made me think it was one of those lame vampire book adaptations of the Twilight kind. It didn’t help that protagonist looked like a douche in the poster. Only when I read “Cirque du Freak” did I remember that old trailer and my desire to watch this movie.

It turns out that this movie is an adaptation a the first trilogy of a 12-part young adult series about Darren Shan and his involvement in a war between divided vampires (the peaceful Vampire Clan and the bloodthirsty Vampaneze), which means the story is more like my cup of tea. Also, Chris Massoglia is actually a fine-looking guy whose look was ruined by bad lighting. But his looks still didn’t make up for his lacklustre acting.

The high points of the film were the first scenes showing Darren Shan’s funeral, his normal, boring, and eerily perfect life as a human, and its subsequent breakdown with the arrival of the Cirque and his involvement with Crepsley. The settings, makeup, and costumes of the main characters and the extras where wonderfully suited to create a stark contrast between their normality and the freak show that was about to disrupt their lives.

But after that, the movie became boring for me. Maybe it was the fight scenes that needed better choreography; or my clamoring for more character development, humor, and wittier dialogue; or a removal of that decisive kiss scene with the love interest at the end, which is compulsory for every run-of-the-mill young adult and romcom movie these days.

Overall, I say this was good at first but it could have been better.


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