Monday Manga #15

8 Mar

All images are properties of their respective artists.

Gantz by Hiroya Oku

Chapter 314: Agitation

The other members of Team Gantz finally meet Kei's double.

Kei is transferred to a grand meeting of all the other warriors of the Black Ball. It seems that the Gantz system is controlled by an organization who is now attempting to launch a counterattack on the aliens. Not every one of the warriors is willing to do this, especially Kei, who has left Tae-chan behind at the mercy of the giant aliens in Tokyo. But the leaders of the organization made a way to ensure their obedience and they are next transported to a town where the aliens are still in hiding.

Bleach by Tite Kubo

Chapter 394: The Burnout Inferno 2

Captain Yamamoto Genryuusai won't be defeated easily by a newbie like Wonderweiss.

Genryuusai can still fight really well even without his sword. Using brute strength, he foils every one of Wonderweiss’ attacks, since the latter is only good at neutralizing his Flame Shikai. For his final stroke, he releases a great force, which will blast away the Arrancar.

One Piece by Eiichiro Oda

Chapter 576: The Great Pirate, Edward Newgate

Whitebeard says his final words.

Whitebeard aka Edward Newgate confronts Teach and attempts to kill him. The Blackbeard fights him off and orders his criminal companions to shoot the Old Man down. Before he dies, he declares that One Piece exists, and passes away still standing without a wound on his back, which means that he has never retreated from a battle.

Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto

Chapter 485: So Close, And Yet So Far

Sasuke rejects any attempts by Naruto to reach out to him.

Kakashi orders Naruto and Sakura to back off and return to the village. However, Naruto lunges forward at Sasuke, and he attacks with the Rasengan while the latter counters with a Chidori. In another dimension, the two have a little talk where Sasuke gives him only two choices, but Naruto makes a third choice and their chakra clash.

Claymore by Norihiro Yagi

Chapter 101: Wedge

Helen and Deneve decide to save hapless Clare.

Priscilla foils Clare’s attempts to awaken. However, the latter’s greatest impediment to achieving more power is herself, because of her guilt for the people who died in her place. Helen and Deneve help her escape. Meanwhile, Cynthia and Uma are attacked by the mindless Hunters, and they are outnumbered. But an unexpected person comes to their aid.

Bride of the Water God by Yun Mi-kyung

Chapter 77

Soah was able to return safely from a journey into the past of Water Country.

Dong Wang Gong retrieves Soah from the past and she is next sent to see Habaek in the present time. Meanwhile, Nakbin pleads with Suh Wang Mo to understand her position. Soah watches as Habaek asks the Emperor to let him bring Nakbin back to the Water Country. He explains that he no longer loves her but she would still not be sent away. She can’t accept this and shows her true colors by wounding him with a sharp dagger.

Hajime no Ippo by George Morikawa

Chapter 884: Right There…!

Woli gives devastating blows to end the bout quickly.

Chapter 885: The Grim Total

Ippo's defense has weakened so much that Woli can now easily crack him open.

Ippo has completed his meager goal of landing five light body blows on Woli. At the end, he is so battered that he could not even put up a proper defense. It seems the outcome of this bout is in favor of Woli.

Detective Conan by Gosho Aoyama

Chapter 726: The Miraculous Trick

The wife of the murdered company president is willing to take a full body inspection to prove her innocence.

The investigation into the death of the chocolate company’s president starts with the first person who approached his lifeless body: his wife. She reveals that she had asked for a divorce, which her husband was reluctant to accept, and offers suicide as a possible angle. However, Conan is not convinced and he confirms his suspicions by asking the wife a few questions.

Hunter X Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi

Chapter 299: Rebirth

Pouf offers his own life to save the King.

Knuckle finds the burnt body of the King. He is barely breathing and needs immediate medical attention. However, they are too far from Pitou so Pouf offers up his cells for the King to eat. Little by little, he is revived, and the process is sped up when Knuckle also offers himself.

Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn! by Akira Amano

Chapter 280: The Last Blow

Tsuna feels overwhelming anger because of Uni and Gamma's deaths.

Uni and Gamma died together and their Dying Will Flames have been absorbed by the Arcobaleno pacifiers. They slowly awaken and Byakuran’s plans are completely ruined. He resolves to destroy everything in his rage but Tsuna, who is deeply hurt by his comrades’ deaths, delivers the final blow and finally kills Byakuran.


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