Bleach: Chapters 395 – 407

16 Jun

All images are properties of their respective artists.

Bleach by Tite Kubo

Chapter 395: The Burnout Inferno 3

Wunderweiss is dead but the power he sealed is about to explode!

Chapter 396: The Bite

Aizen is beginning to falter.

Chapter 397: Edge of the Silence

All the events leading to this moment were part of Aizen’s will.

Chapter 398: Back from Blind

Isshin and Ichigo have a little bonding time before resuming their battles.

Chapter 399: Decide

Ichigo and Gin battle once again!

Chapter 400: Decide 2

Gin vs Ichigo!

Chapter 401: Decide 3

The true power of the hougyoku is revealed.
Chapter 402: Decide 4

Urahara releases a kidou technique in an attempt to neutralize Aizen.

Chapter 403: Decide 5

Isshin makes a move to attack Aizen.

Chapter 404: Decide 6
Ichigo is left petrified at Aizen’s strange transformation.
Chapter 405: Decide 7
Urahara Kisuke vs Aizen!
Chapter 406: Decide 8
Ichigo is frozen by fear and unable to join the fray.
Chapter 407: Decide 9
Ichigo must decide to cower in fear of Aizen or to fight back to save his friends.

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