Fairy Tail: Chapters 175 – 188

20 Jun

All images are properties of their respective artists.

Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima

Chapter 175: Welcome Home

Lucy has thought of a way to restore their friends to their original form.

Chapter 176: Exterior

Charle’ and Happy are rewarded handsomely for a mission they unwittingly and regretfully completed.

Chapter 177: Fly! To your friends!

Charle’ and Happy’s harebrained escape from the Exceed military!

Chapter 178: Because I’ll be By your side

Lucy can’t separate the Erza she knew in Earthland from the ruthless Erza of Edoras.

Chapter 179: Code ETD

Code ETD is King Faust’s ultimate goal!

Chapter 180: Erza vs Erza

Erza of Edoras vs Erza of Earthland!

Chapter 181: All Out War at the Royal Capital!!!

Wendy reassures Charle’ of her support and friendship despite her previous unintentional betrayal.

Chapter 182: These are lives, dammit!!!

Earthland Natsu will surely lose if vehicles are involved.
Chapter 183: Monster Academy

Lucy uses the 'Sexy Strategy' to distract the Edolas mage.

Chapter 184: The River of Stars for the Sake of Pride

Lucy faces off an old mage of Edolas who has captured a girl that holds an important key.

Chapter 185: Iceboy

Gray and Sugarboy play tug-of-war with a very important key!

Chapter 186: My Cat

Lilly, the giant Exceed, has sided with the humans because he knows the dark secret of Extalia.

Chapter 187: The Dragon Chain of Doom

Erza, Natsu, and Gray deceived the King and his men so that the Dragon Chain could be redirected to the Giant Lachryma.

Chapter 188: One-Winged

The Queen of Extalia has arrived to tell a shocking truth!


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