Hunter X Hunter: Chapters 300 -310

21 Jun

All images are properties of their respective artists.

Hunter X Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi

Chapter 300: Insurance

Gon will proceed to his next step now that Kumogi is completely healed.

Chapter 301: Memories

Pufu makes a dash to complete a murderous plan for Kumogi.

Chapter 302: Target

Unity of feelings and thoughts is the consequence of offering themselves to save the king.

Chapter 303: Pain

Pufu spouts deceit in an attempt to wrestle Kumogi from the Hunters and kill her afterwards.

Chapter 304: Magic

Pufu convinced Werefin to participate in his plan of deception.

Chapter 305: Bad Luck

Now that he knows Kaito is dead, Gon will use his full power.

Chapter 306: Relief

Gon delivers a fatal kick to Pitou's body.

Chapter 307: Loss

Gon is in a rage as he beats up the deceased Pitou!
Chapter 308: Flash

The King senses the presence of the Hunters and has decided to eliminate them.

Chapter 309: Competition

Confusion engulfs Palm because of Pufu's deception.

Chapter 310: Start

The King has recalled a precious memory.


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