One Piece: Chapters 577 – 588

21 Jun

One Piece by Eiichiro Oda

Chapter 577: Major Events Piling Up One After Another

The Pirates appear to be losing so Captain Buggy makes his escape.

Chapter 578: A Present to the New Age

Jimbei desperately tries to rescue Luffy from the murderous clutches of the Marines!

Chapter 579: Seconds of Courage

The last pounding moments of the war between Pirates and Marines!

Chapter 580: End of the War

The Pirates are allowed to escape...for now.

Chapter 581: The Creeping Future

Luffy's recovery is left in the able hands of new friends.

Chapter 582: Luffy and Ace

Luffy has partially recovered physically but he is still deeply hurt over Ace's death.

Chapter 583: Grey Terminal

Young Luffy was determined to befriend 10-year-old Ace.

Chapter 584: The Polchemi Incident

Polchemi proceeds punish Ace and Sabo when they attempt to rescue Luffy.

Chapter 585: Brother’s Cups

Sabo spills the truth about his noble birth.

Chapter 586: A Fetid Town

Sabo's adopted brother, Stelly, knows all about High Town's wicked plans for Trash Mountain.

Chapter 587: I Will Not Run

Dadan has come to rescue Ace and Luffy!

Chapter 588: Sabo’s Ocean

Ace and Dadan had escaped the fires of Trash Mountain.


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