Hajime no Ippo: Chapters 886-898

23 Jun

All images are properties of their respective artists.

Hajime no Ippo by George Morikawa

Chapter 886: Now What!?

Ippo is helpless against Woli’s onslaught!

Chapter 887: No Excuses

Ippo seems to be at the end of his rope.

Chapter 888: Desperate Resolution

Ippo attempts another comeback with a wide, heavy punch.

Chapter 889: Invisible Hindrance

Woli is finally giving in to exhaustion!

Chapter 890: The Wild Child Grounded

Time to clash!

Chapter 891: Traces of Accumulation

A deciding moment? Woli is holding on to the ropes while Ippo charges in!

Chapter 892: Your Specialty

Ippo is gaining the upper hand in the second half of the match.
Chapter 893: Trap vs Infinity

Woli can trap his opponent if he's in the corner and Ippo is preparing his Dempsey Roll punch!

Chapter 894: This is a Boxer

Ippo is able to barrel a strong punch into Woli in this later round.

Chapter 895: Simply Amazing

Ippo is bombarded with questions from his eager fellow boxers immediately after waking up.

Chapter 896: The World’s Shining Light

Two old coaches agree on one last dream.

Chapter 897: After the Rumble in the Jungle

Ippo doesn't feel like the victor after facing off with an amazing opponent.

Chapter 898: Goal for the Class A Tournament

The Class A Tournament is coming up and Manabu has an unusual goal.


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