Detective Conan: Chapters 727 – 739

26 Jun

All images are properties of their respective artists.

Detective Conan by Gosho Aoyama

Chapter 727: Happy White Day

The widow tells the tragic love story that was her motive behind the murder.

Chapter 728: Air on the G String

The little detectives are stranded in a remote place under the rain.

Chapter 729: Genius

Ayumi has found an important clue!

Chapter 730: The Secret of the Diary

Conan has figured out the culprit of the kidnapping case!

Chapter 731: Ryoma

Excitement is building up for an upcoming exhibition of artifacts related to Sakamoto Ryoma, the Japanese historical figure.

Chapter 732: Breakthrough

Kaitou Kid has already broken in but the key players don't know it yet!

Chapter 733: The Cleaning

Kid uses water to clean up the 'dirty' exhibition.

Chapter 734: Demon Dog

The caretaker meets the boy detectives and the victim is supposed to be "asleep".

Chapter 735: Vengeful Spirit

The frightened lady isn't the killer after all!

Chapter 736: The Inubushi Family

Conan and the gang meet the remaining members of the Inubushi family for the first time - including their dog, Hachi.

Chapter 737: Sphere

Conan and the other detectives are on their way to inspect another mysterious place related to the Demon Dog case.

Chapter 738: Footprints

Ran and Kazuha show the detectives the footprints that the Demon Dog had left behind.

Chapter 739: Princess

Conan and Hattori have mostly figured out the mechanism of the Demon Dog...except for one small thing: how did it escape?


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