Sunday Comics #16

18 Jul

All images are properties of their respective artists.

Pugad Baboy by Pol Medina Jr.


(1st frame)

Utoy: Godzilla is huge, no? What would they have done with the corpse?

(2nd frame)

Polgas: Well… they could turn it into Imelda’s shoes.

(3rd frame)

Polgas: They could also feed a whole El Shaddai* congregation with Kilawen** Godzilla.

(4th frame)

Utoy: They could also stuff it and display it at the Cojuangcos’ residence.

Polgas: The taxidermist might have a heart attack.

*A Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement from the Philippines founded by Mariano Mike Velarde, known as Brother Mike.

**A Philippine exotic delicacy in which the main ingredient is raw fish or meat marinated in vinegar, pepper, chili, chopped onions, and garlic and either cooked or served fresh without cooking. Other souring agents like calamansi juice may be used in place of vinegar.


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