Sunday Comics # 17

25 Jul

All images are properties of their respective artists.

Pugad Baboy by Pol Medina Jr.


(1st frame)

Polgas: One of our readers, Reden L. Dizon, sent samples of his cartoons before the 1998 national elections.

(2nd frame)

Polgas: It says here, “If ERAP became president, what would he do so that the Pinoys would like him?

(3rd frame)

Polgas: The answers… (1) He would solve overpopulation by reviving the PACC*. (2) Illegal drugs and illegal gambling will disappear because he will make them legal. (3) Violent films, bold films **, etc. will also go away because there will be no artistas*** left. (They will all have government positions.) (4) He will put up a Malacanang**** in every province with a matching First Lady… Reden seems to be a bit of a prophet.

*Presidential Anti-Crime Commission

**pornographic films

***actors, actresses, celebrities

****official residence of the Philippine president


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