Monday Manga # 20

26 Jul

All images are properties of their respective artists.

One Piece by Eiichiro Oda

Chapter 593: News

Sanji is defeated by Ivan, whom he has challenged so that he could obtain information about Luffy.

Bleach by Tite Kubo

Chapter 413: Decide 15

Ichigo's friends can't escape from Aizen!

Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto

Chapter 503: Minato’s Dead Demon Seal

Minato arrived just in time to transfer the Kyuubi and save the village.

Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima

Chapter 193: All You Living Things

The floating island of Exceed and the two Erza's weapons have crumbled as their magical power has ran out.

Hajime no Ippo by George Morikawa

Chapter 901: High Speed Battle

Itagaki vs Karasawa!

xxxHolic by CLAMP

Chapter 206

Watanuki is being healed for the wounds that he acquired when protecting the spirit of an unborn child from an unknown creature.

Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn! by Akira Amano

Chapter 299: Talbot

The Vongola rings are broken and it seems all hope is lost... or is it?

Detective Conan by Gosho Aoyama

Chapter 742: Love Transcending 13 Years

Conan has figured out the real location of the 13-year-old message.


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