Sunday Comics #18

1 Aug

All images are properties of their respective artists.

Kiko Machine by Manix Abrera


(Top frame)

Haaay… it’s annoying sometimes when you forget to turn off your cellphone for class, and then it rings! Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, you become the center of attention…

Tiiitiiiiiit! Tiiitiiiiit!

Professor: Didn’t I tell you my rules about cellphones in class?!! Blah blah blah…

(1st frame)

It’s even more embarrassing if your ringtone at the moment is ultra- baduy*… (like ‘Tanging Yaman’ and the high-belching hits of Regine Velasquez)

(2nd frame)

It’s also maddening to find out that the call wasn’t even important…

Caller#2: Helow!** I just called to say, I love you.

Student #2: HRRRE! KULEEEHT!***

(3rd frame)

But it really turns into a BADTRIP**** learning that it was just a misdial…

Caller #3: Ay, sorry. Can I just introduce myself and be friends?

Student #3: ##$&%^#*@! ARRG!

*baduy = uncool

**Helow = Hello (with added cuteness factor)

***KULEEEHT = kulit = obnoxious

****BADTRIP = bad day


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