Berserk: Chapters 307 – 315

14 Aug

All images are properties of their respective artists.

Berserk by Miura Kentarou

Chapter 307: Falconia

Falconia has risen! It's a behemoth suited for the New Hawk.

Chapter 308: Ghost Ship 1

A ghost ship floats in the ocean and it's following our heroes.

Chapter 309: Ghost Ship 2

The ghost pirates have made friends with sea monsters!

Chapter 310: Ghost Ship 3

Guts has cut off the monster's tentacles and all that is left to destroy are its main body and the pirates.

Chapter 311: Solitary Island

Guts and company have landed on a solitary island for repairs on their ship.

Chapter 312: Girl of the Roaring Current

The adults of Gut's company sit down for a meal at the local inn of a mysterious island.

Chapter 313: Men of the Wicked Sea

Isma is a child accustomed to this strange sea but she suspects even stranger recent events.

Chapter 314: Human Tentacles

A horde of sea monsters are attacking Guts and company!

Chapter 315: Tentacle Ship

Guts has released his Berserker self. But is it enough to cut through a hundred monsters?


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