Monday Manga #31

1 Nov

All images are properties of their respective artists.

Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto

Chapter 513: Kabuto vs The Tsuchikage

The Tsuchikage has come to rescue Naruto and Killer Bee from possible capture. Meanwhile, the two jinchuuriki have been led to believe that they are on this secret island to study its ecology.

Chapter 514: Kabuto’s Plot

Kabuto faces some of the toughest jounin in the ninja alliance. Defeating them to capture Naruto is impossible but he manages to capture Yamato.

One Piece by Eiichiro Oda

Chapter 600: The Island of Restarting

The fake Straw Hat Pirates have completed their recruitment drive. Among them are ruthless pirates with enormous bounties on their heads. Ordinary Marines are no match for them. Meanwhile, the real Straw Hat Pirates are ready to restart their journey.

Chapter 601: Rudder Straight Down!

The real Straw Hat pirates are completely assembled. The Marines are being delayed by their friends Rayleigh, The Pirate Empress, the Weatheria scientists, giant insects from Usopp's island, and the transvestites from Sanji's island. They are free to sail underwater!

Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn! by Akira Amano

Chapter 310: Lambo! Lambo! Lambo!

Lambo is being his obnoxious self again. He believes that Rauji simply refuses to play with him and doesn't take their battle seriously.

Chapter 311: Lambo vs Ooyama Rauji

Lambo from 10 years in the future has come to fight Rauji. He clumsily works through his new Vongola gear and actually makes it work. Now it's time for the real battle to begin!

Chapter 312: Lambo’s Feelings

It's difficult to motivate Lambo with his childlike mind. He's nearly in tears but regains his composure and will to fight when Reborn and Tsuna blame themselves for bringing him into a battle for grown-ups.

Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima

Chapter 205: Natsu vs Gildarts

Natsu is in a lopsided battle with Gildarts. He has not yet landed a single hit on the S-class mage but, although overpowered, Natsu enjoys every minute of it.

Chapter 206: In Order to Continue down this Path

Natsu was able to make Gildarts move from his original position which is a great achievement because of their big differences in power. That would have been enough to let Natsu pass the first test but he still wanted to fight some more. In the end, Gildarts released more power, which was too much for the young dragon and he had to admit defeat.

Chapter 207: Mest


Mest's identity and loyalty are suspect. His true intentions are hidden under a guise of weakness and friendliness.

Chapter 208: Death Preying

Mest has lured Wendy away. Suspicions rise and Erza and Juvia leave to search for them. Meanwhile, Evergreen and Elfman meet a mage dressed in black, who was the mysterious person in an earlier chapter. It seems he can't control his vast and fatal powers.

Chapter 209: Black Mage


The wizard in black is actually the Dark Mage Zeref! But his intentions are not as evil as his reputation. He seeks Natsu's help to stop him from killing any more with his uncontrollable powers over life and death.

xxxHolic by CLAMP

Chapter 208

Watanuki is going to make chrysanthemum wine for the upcoming seasonal festival. He uses magic to hasten the process.

Chapter 209

The Chrysanthemum wine is complete and Watanuki enlists Doumeki's help in distributing it to their friends. Himawari, who is now married, calls to express her gratitude. Later on, a costumer comes in about a being trapped inside a material object, and wishes to know its true purpose.

Hajime no Ippo by George Morikawa

Chapter 906: The Genius Predicament

Itagaki can't land even just one punch on Karasawa. The Class A fighter's experience has served him well and, as of now, Itagaki still won't let go of his conceited goal.

Chapter 907: The Genius Takes Flight

Manabu realizes that he can't be complacent against Karasawa. He shifts gears and moves faster to create the illusion of invisibility.

Chapter 908: Potential Unleashed

Manabu has realized that a trick was played on him in the past round. He has simply gone faster than what Karasawa could catch up. However, his opponent's strong guard makes it hard for him to land some strong left jabs.

Tenjo Tenge by Ito Ogure

Chapter 136: Last Fight

The final battle has commenced. Souhaku Kago, who is controlling Souichiro Nagi from the inside, must be completely destroyed. To do that the Juken Club all work together and enter the realm of their friend's consciousness. Takayanagi is outside of this consciousness and fights with Souichiro's body. He must lend his strength to those on the inside to gain victory.

Gantz by Hiroya Oku

Chapter 326: Toy Girl

Tae was turned into a toy by an alien girl. Now she has some animals and a human boy to call company inside a pet's cage. Meanwhile Kei is delayed when he helps some humans trapped in a museum.

Detective Conan by Gosho Aoyama


Chapter 751: The Queen’s True Worth

The tie-breaker set between Minerva Glass and her opponent is on! Instead of winning the match her main goal is to drag out the game as long as she can so that Conan will have enough time to locate Hades Sabara.

Chapter 752: A Troublesome and Tough Case

The culprit is captured, Mrs. Glass is saved, and Minerva Glass emerges as the tournament champion all thanks to Conan with a little help from his friends and parents. But there is another "troublesome and tough case" that the men in Minerva and Ran's lives must handle.

Kuroshitsuji by Toboso Yana

Chapter 50: That Butler, Burial

Snake was the 13th person in the party. He wanted to take revenge on Ciel for taking away his friends. The Bengal Prince had unwittingly sent off this assassin to the Phantomhive manor. Ciel had to lie to him to turn him over into his side. But Sebastian's "death" remains a problem.

Bleach by Tite Kubo

Chapter 424: The Lost Agent


Ichigo's adventures don't end after Aizen's imprisonment. His loss of power means a transfer of responsibilities to his spiritually stronger friend. He is living the normal life he has always wanted and he doesn't want to admit that he sometimes misses Rukia.


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