Monday Manga #41

7 Feb

All images are properties of their respective artists.

Kekkaishi by Yellow Tanabe

Chapter 337: Message

The founder is now too weak to fight back against Masamori. Suigetsu appears and confronts him for the truth. The past is filled with tragedy and pain. The Spell to destroy the world was activated but it is halted by the Lord of Hakuma.

Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima

Chapter 220: Fairy Sisters

Mira releases her demon form when her opponent takes Lisanna hostage. She has 3 minutes before her sister's bindings explode and kill her. But she doesn't have enough of both power and time so she resorts to sacrificing herself to save her sister.

Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn! by Akira Amano

Chapter 324: Betrayal

Daemon shakes off his facade and reveals that he used Julie Katou as his vessel. He has manipulated Shimon all along. He was also the one who set up the first boss of Shimon and annihilated his family because he perceived them as a threat to Vongola.

Gantz by Hiroya Oku

Chapter 333: The Limits Made Clear

A member from the Osaka team bears a surprise gift for Masaru. And another one of Kei's allies explains that Gantz can no longer bring people back to life or heal their injuries. This is a battle between life and death for both sides as the alien invaders are also homeless beings determined to make Earth their new home.

Bleach by Tite Kubo

Chapter 435: Panic at the Dollhouse

Ichigo is at a loss for ideas on how to activate his Fullbring ability. Chad helps him but just when he pulls out the necessary item the timer on his opponent - the stuffed pig - sets off and releases Mad Beast Mode.


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