Good Friday Biking Adventure

24 Apr

My mom says that Good Friday should be reserved for religious activities like going to church and joining the prayers for the day of Jesus Christ’s death. But I’m not religious and yesterday was a good day for a bike ride – cool weather and cloudy skies with no rain. Actually, I wanted to capture with my camera the gorgeous sunsets that come during summers in my area. However, the weather that Friday wasn’t exactly summer weather, and I had no such luck with my original goal. So I took advantage of the even muted lighting and resorted to floral and object photography instead.

Coldplay was on Repeat in my mp3 player and the songs made biking more enjoyable. Also, gravity is on your side so it’s easy to go downhill away from my house, and I got really far. I left the house at 4 pm and decided to turn back at around 6 pm. Eeep! It was already dark. Gravity was now against me so the uphill journey back home wasn’t so smooth. I don’t exercise regularly anymore so my endurance was way down. I had to take breaks and walk while pushing my bicycle. 6:30 pm and I was still a long way from home. My bike got stuck in a ditch for a moment. No stars were out and there was no moon because it was still so cloudy. I moved against the traffic so I could see the lights on approaching vehicles and avoid them. I pushed on through the night. Fortunately, I brought water, so I wasn’t in danger of getting dehydrated. Finally, I reached our house at around 7:30 pm.

Moral of the story: don’t be too complacent. Through my trek back home, I was in constant danger of getting into an accident or taken advantage of because I was just by myself on that lonely highway. And bring water and snacks. And your guts! Hah!


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