Just complaining.01

24 Apr

Oh! Fate is so cruel! Yesterday started out just fine. I finally got around to giving my cat a much-needed bath. Then I was able to get a ride to CdeO for the regular fare price, which saved me money. I had newly laundered clothes. But then, later at National Bookstore Ketkai, I got a paper cut! Ouch! And still later, my PC broke down just when I was working on my thesis proposal and enjoying the Internet! But, oh well, I could use the laptop for my thesis proposal. No one was going to help me so late at night so I slept on it. I thought I could still use the remaining hours on my USB Broadband Modem in the morning but it just won’t work on the goddamn laptop! ARRRGH! But, later on, to the tune of techno trance, I realized moping around won’t help. I’ll canvas for PC repair and beg my mom to give me extra money for it. Hahayyy…


2 Responses to “Just complaining.01”

  1. Naruto Uzumaki August 4, 2011 at 3:14 pm #

    Somewhere some how, I feel like there somebody who had the same feeling as I have right now.
    I think its you!

    Just keep your cool man.

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