23 Oct

It’s been a long while since I’ve blogged. Some things happened that shook me up. My expectations were blown to pieces, I got knocked out and didn’t even know what hit me, and, now, I’ve woken up a slightly different person than I used to be. I can’t go back to the way things once were. It seems I’m not going to post about manga that much anymore. The only story I follow these days is “Kuroshitsuji”. I’ve quit the photography club I’ve been part of for two years. I’ve quit my addiction to a certain person and started a new one with cigarettes. I changed the color of my hair only a few hours ago. But some things have remained the same. I’m still in love with photography and I intend to learn more despite not having access to the perks of being part of an organization. I’m still writing – I always have – and I’m keeping a new journal. I’m still a music person. I haven’t changed for the worse, I guess, because I still have my true, loyal, and gentle friends. Oh well, the only question left is, “What’s next?”


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