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Thursday Challenge: Red

9 Feb

This is my entry for the Thursday Challenge: Red.

Title: Traffic

A red jeepney stops the flow of traffic when it waits for passengers in a busy intersection in Cagayan de Oro City.


Round Robin Photo Challenge: Color Blind

27 Nov

Green Dolphins in Purple Water

This is my entry to the Round Robin Photo Challenge: Color Blind.

My family went to Ocean Park in Hong Kong to watch the Dolphin and Seal Show. The message of the show – environmental awareness – and the performances of these intelligent marine creatures actually moved me, which is something that doesn’t happen often.

Round Robin Challenge: About the Weather

20 Aug

Seashell under the morning sun.

This is my entry to the Round Robin Photo Challenge: About the Weather.

Above: This is an indoor shot of one of the seashells from my Aunt’s collection. It was the height of summer in Bohol, Philippines and it was sunny all morning.

Thursday Challenge: Outdoors

5 Aug

Late Afternoon Playtime

This is my entry to the Thursday Photo Challenge: Outdoors.

Above: It was nearly dark but the children next door just kept on with their games.

PhotoSunday: Night

1 Aug

At Night Over my Hometown

This is my entry to the PhotoSunday Challenge: Night.

Above: The full moon on a cloudy night over my hometown, Damilag.

Photo Friday: Crooked

30 Jul

Sleepy, Sunny Afternoon

This is my entry to the Photo Friday Challenge: Crooked.

Above: This was taken inside the room where the XU Ateneo Camera Club office is located. It was nearing summer and, being on the second floor with big windows, it was a nice place to take a nap.

Moody Monday: Techno-geeky

26 Jul

DIY Mini Entertainment System

This is my entry to the Moody Monday Photo Challenge: Techno-geeky.

Above: My younger brother put together this mini-entertainment system by himself out of old & neglected appliances. Actually, the DVD player doesn’t work anymore. The contraption is dismantled now. Mom has claimed the small TV which produces shaky and blurry B&W images (but the sound is good). My other younger brother took back his headphones. And the old-school video-game console, a Toblerone freebie (still functioning), is permanently situated now in front of our bigger TV. My brother plays with it sometimes.

PhotoSunday: Long

25 Jul

Late Night Traffic

This is my entry to the Weekly PhotoSunday: Long.

Above: After a program of fireworks and entertainment at SM City Cagayan de Oro, hundreds of revelers and participants went home, resulting to long lanes of traffic from Lumbia up to downtown Cagayan de Oro.

Shutterday: Festivals

24 Jul

The University Chapel during Xavier Days Festivities

This is my entry for the Shutterday Photo Meme: Festivals.

Above: The University Chapel inside the Xavier University campus is adorned in celebration of the season of Christmas. Xavier Days Festivities are held one or two weeks before Christmas vacation.

Photofriday: Sky High

23 Jul

Late Afternoon at the University

This is my entry to the Photo Friday Challenge: ‘Sky High‘.

Above: A late afternoon shot from the 6th floor of the Student Center Building at Xavier University.