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Just complaining.01

24 Apr

Oh! Fate is so cruel! Yesterday started out just fine. I finally got around to giving my cat a much-needed bath. Then I was able to get a ride to CdeO for the regular fare price, which saved me money. I had newly laundered clothes. But then, later at National Bookstore Ketkai, I got a paper cut! Ouch! And still later, my PC broke down just when I was working on my thesis proposal and enjoying the Internet! But, oh well, I could use the laptop for my thesis proposal. No one was going to help me so late at night so I slept on it. I thought I could still use the remaining hours on my USB Broadband Modem in the morning but it just won’t work on the goddamn laptop! ARRRGH! But, later on, to the tune of techno trance, I realized moping around won’t help. I’ll canvas for PC repair and beg my mom to give me extra money for it. Hahayyy…


I’m gonna rant! (Episode 1)

25 Aug

The Ms. Universe 2010 pageant is over and Ms. Philippines got 5th place. I think that’s great but I’m not completely happy either. I don’t care about her answer in the Q&A portion even if others thought it was poor. I’m more concerned about the question given to her by the judge she chose.

Four out of the five questions in the Q&A portion gave each of the contestants a chance to show the world that they could think about complex issues relevant not only to themselves but to society in general. This is Ms. Universe for chrissake! She’s supposed to engage in charitable activities during her reign and be socially aware. So I thought things were going well because the questions were great and the other top 4 contestants nailed them. Then along comes Ms. Venus Raj and she had the unfortunate chance to pick a judge (effin’ William Baldwin) that asked her what the f*k was her one big mistake in life and how did she make it right? Why the f*k should society care about that? I don’t care about that! It’s too personal and simple a question and the only people who should care are her close friends and family. Other than them are chismoso and chismosa showbiz gossip fanatics.

Some thought her answer was too short and “Major, major…” was funny but I thought she just answered honestly. But I was already pissed with that question. Maybe, in the end, if she got a better question, she would still get 4th runner up. And that’s still great. But my growing faith and confidence in the pageant wouldn’t have crashed and burned. I wish there was an eject button for judges who ask questions like that.