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Surprise me

8 Nov

From Rabbi Brian:

I want you to think about how you at half your current age reacts to finding out how your future unfolds.

What five things about you NOW would be most surprising to you THEN?

  1. I would still be in college today.
  2. I would be aware that I sometimes talk to myself in public.
  3. I am a sexually liberated woman.
  4. I am an agnostic


23 Oct

It’s been a long while since I’ve blogged. Some things happened that shook me up. My expectations were blown to pieces, I got knocked out and didn’t even know what hit me, and, now, I’ve woken up a slightly different person than I used to be. I can’t go back to the way things once were. It seems I’m not going to post about manga that much anymore. The only story I follow these days is “Kuroshitsuji”. I’ve quit the photography club I’ve been part of for two years. I’ve quit my addiction to a certain person and started a new one with cigarettes. I changed the color of my hair only a few hours ago. But some things have remained the same. I’m still in love with photography and I intend to learn more despite not having access to the perks of being part of an organization. I’m still writing – I always have – and I’m keeping a new journal. I’m still a music person. I haven’t changed for the worse, I guess, because I still have my true, loyal, and gentle friends. Oh well, the only question left is, “What’s next?”

CdeO Current Events.01: Barkadahan Grill is gone and Snatchers in the jeepney

25 Apr

Fans of Barkadahan Grill will lament because the restaurant had burned down last Easter Sunday. I went to DV-soria, CdeO at around 3 pm yesterday and saw a sizable crowd fussing in the area near the restaurant. It turns out there was a big fire and the firefighters had controlled it by the time I arrived. The top floor of Barkadahan Grill was was turned to ashes and its charred remains had fallen down. The same happened to the second floor of the store right beside it. The second floor of Hanabel Bakeshoppe was also caught in the fire and a lot of damage was done. I’m not sure if anybody was harmed but, hopefully, no lives were lost in this unfortunate incident.

Today, woke up at around 5 am but I still missed my 8:45 am class because I was so engrossed in the movie “3 Idiots”. It’s a comedy but there were dramatic parts that got to me and I cried hard. It’s also about the education system of India and the love of learning. Get the irony? Hehe… But that isn’t the most eventful part of my day.  I actually tried to catch up to my class this morning but I still got to XU very late. So I just bought some takeout and went back to my apartment in a jeepney.

Aha! The plot thickens!

There were several other passengers in the jeepney. One of them was an old man who looked well-to-do. He’s the victim. I’m pretty sure I’m not the snatcher caused all I noticed about him was that the crocodile on his Lacoste shirt had started to come off. I didn’t see that he had on a necklace that may or may not be of considerable value. That was the target of the snatchers. Yes, it was a group of young men who dropped themselves off at Sto. Niño at the back of Cogon market. But, before they walked away from the jeep, they had already threatened the old man and the passengers beside him to shut up or they would stab them with a knife. The passengers got so scared they shoved back into the jeepney – where I was sitting. Being the Human Who Doesn’t Give A Damn, I got surprised by this sudden increase of physical pressure on my person!

It turns out one the snatchers was the guy I saw who was wearing a scarf around his head that had the colors green and yellow. Hey, even criminals have some fashion sense!

Nobody was hurt by the snatchers and the victim wasn’t so fussy about it. He was probably just relieved they let him live. Moral of the story: don’t wear expensive jewelry in public places and, as an added measure, avoid carrying a lot of cash on errands. And, as my parents always advise, don’t fight back when you’re in the same situation. You’ll only get hurt. Unless you’re a Kung Fu master! Yowzah!

3 Things.01

24 Apr

These are my top 3 things that are worth waiting in long lines for:

1. Food

Whether it’s at a favorite fast food chain or a turo-turo, at the supermarket or the wet market, everyone’s gotta eat!

2. The Comfort Room

Piss and Shit. Those are pretty basic. And make-up touch-ups and replacing my sanitary napkin. It’s a girl thing!

3. Tuition at a good school.

‘Nuff said!


4. My latest blog post! Ahahahaha!

Time out.

3 Mar

I’m taking a break from blogging for now. I’m experiencing some changes in my life and in my mental outlook now so I thought of changing the format of my blog too. I’ll keep you posted.

Gihuna-huna #1

11 Dec

“All good things come to an end.” It’s a repetitive experience. People whom you thought you were so close to slowly, but surely, drift away. And the next thing you know they no longer respond to your text messages, they are no longer your friends on facebook, and you just don’t care about each other anymore. This kind of thing happens every minute, every hour, of every day around the world. It happens as often as people make new friends. Rarely do you find a close friend or partner that stays forever. (cue music “Where are you nooowww???”) Years down the road, once close friends meet again in a reunion or even down the street at the grocery store. Is it a re-beginning or have the two of you completely moved on?

The Chicken on the Road

21 Nov

I commute every day to school now. One morning, on the way from Bukidnon to Cagayan de Oro, I saw a chicken marching like a soldier on the highway. And because of this amusing sight, I had a Eureka! moment – the answer to the age old question, “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

Because it wanted to get killed, that’s why!

Good thing it changed it’s mind and hurried right back to the side of the road. In a sudden moment, it must have realized the foolishness of its actions, and what his death meant to his little hen-wife and chicks who would be left behind.

So the chicken gets to live another day.

Monday Manga # 29

4 Oct

All images are properties of their respective artists.

Bleach by Tite Kubo

Chapter 422: The Silent Victory

Aizen has been sent to Sereitei and his fate will be decided by the Twelve Chambers. In the human world, the shinigami are cleaning up, and Ichigo is left to wonder about Aizen's true desires.

One Piece by Eiichiro Oda

Chapter 598: 2 Years Later

Nami passes the time in a bar while waiting for Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates. In the same bar, a group of "Straw Hat Pirates" impersonators are interviewing potential recruits, and terrorizing the other costumers.

Kuroshitsuji by Toboso Yana

Chapter 49: That Butler, Eccentric

After Earl Grey "killed" him, Sebastian was in a hurry to set up the past events. The Queen posed this challenge to young Earl Phantomhive as punishment for his little prank with the Noah's Ark Circus affair. But the main goal was to halt the rapid growth of Germany by killing the investor Mr. Siemens. Mr. Woodley was the not-completely-innocent scapegoat. These were the "memories" of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, and he has burned his account of the events because he knows of Butler Sebastian's true nature.

Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn! by Akira Amano

Chapter 308: Key

Aoba Koyo and Ryouhei ended their match in a tie and, as a consequence, both were taken away by the Vindice to be imprisoned. The Vindice then gave a token to both Mafia groups for finishing the first fight: a memory of the founders' childhood.

Claymore by Norihiro Yagi

Chapter 108: Crisis of the Holy City

Awakened Yomi have swarmed over the Holy City of Labona! It's a consequence of Miria's failed attack on the organization. The rogue Claymores come to the rescue.

Princess Resurrection by Kaibutso Ojo

Chapter 55: Princess Deserted House 2

This chapter is a continuation of Chapter 47. Hime must confront her older sister Sylvia who is also vying for the throne.

Kekkaishi by Yellow Tanabe

Chapter 323: Hakuma

A meeting of powers is inevitable. To seal Karasumori, the master of Hakuma must be awakened, and he must agree to provide the land.

Chapter 324: Mission

Only one day to go before the mission to kill the Urakai's founder is launched. Meanwhile, Yuugami offers his aid to Tokine on her mission to wake up the lord of Hakuma.

Sunday Comics # 23

5 Sep

All images are properties of their respective artists.

Pugad Baboy by Pol Medina Jr.


(1st frame)

“Jimena Navarette beat Venus Raj to the Miss Universe Crown.”

“Navarette who??”

(2nd frame)

“Miss Mexico. Boss, Mexico beat the Philippines!”

“Is that so?”

(3rd frame)

“Let’s settle this with fists!”

Berserk: Chapters 307 – 315

14 Aug

All images are properties of their respective artists.

Berserk by Miura Kentarou

Chapter 307: Falconia

Falconia has risen! It's a behemoth suited for the New Hawk.

Chapter 308: Ghost Ship 1

A ghost ship floats in the ocean and it's following our heroes.

Chapter 309: Ghost Ship 2

The ghost pirates have made friends with sea monsters!

Chapter 310: Ghost Ship 3

Guts has cut off the monster's tentacles and all that is left to destroy are its main body and the pirates.

Chapter 311: Solitary Island

Guts and company have landed on a solitary island for repairs on their ship.

Chapter 312: Girl of the Roaring Current

The adults of Gut's company sit down for a meal at the local inn of a mysterious island.

Chapter 313: Men of the Wicked Sea

Isma is a child accustomed to this strange sea but she suspects even stranger recent events.

Chapter 314: Human Tentacles

A horde of sea monsters are attacking Guts and company!

Chapter 315: Tentacle Ship

Guts has released his Berserker self. But is it enough to cut through a hundred monsters?