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CdeO Current Events.01: Barkadahan Grill is gone and Snatchers in the jeepney

25 Apr

Fans of Barkadahan Grill will lament because the restaurant had burned down last Easter Sunday. I went to DV-soria, CdeO at around 3 pm yesterday and saw a sizable crowd fussing in the area near the restaurant. It turns out there was a big fire and the firefighters had controlled it by the time I arrived. The top floor of Barkadahan Grill was was turned to ashes and its charred remains had fallen down. The same happened to the second floor of the store right beside it. The second floor of Hanabel Bakeshoppe was also caught in the fire and a lot of damage was done. I’m not sure if anybody was harmed but, hopefully, no lives were lost in this unfortunate incident.

Today, woke up at around 5 am but I still missed my 8:45 am class because I was so engrossed in the movie “3 Idiots”. It’s a comedy but there were dramatic parts that got to me and I cried hard. It’s also about the education system of India and the love of learning. Get the irony? Hehe… But that isn’t the most eventful part of my day.  I actually tried to catch up to my class this morning but I still got to XU very late. So I just bought some takeout and went back to my apartment in a jeepney.

Aha! The plot thickens!

There were several other passengers in the jeepney. One of them was an old man who looked well-to-do. He’s the victim. I’m pretty sure I’m not the snatcher caused all I noticed about him was that the crocodile on his Lacoste shirt had started to come off. I didn’t see that he had on a necklace that may or may not be of considerable value. That was the target of the snatchers. Yes, it was a group of young men who dropped themselves off at Sto. Niño at the back of Cogon market. But, before they walked away from the jeep, they had already threatened the old man and the passengers beside him to shut up or they would stab them with a knife. The passengers got so scared they shoved back into the jeepney – where I was sitting. Being the Human Who Doesn’t Give A Damn, I got surprised by this sudden increase of physical pressure on my person!

It turns out one the snatchers was the guy I saw who was wearing a scarf around his head that had the colors green and yellow. Hey, even criminals have some fashion sense!

Nobody was hurt by the snatchers and the victim wasn’t so fussy about it. He was probably just relieved they let him live. Moral of the story: don’t wear expensive jewelry in public places and, as an added measure, avoid carrying a lot of cash on errands. And, as my parents always advise, don’t fight back when you’re in the same situation. You’ll only get hurt. Unless you’re a Kung Fu master! Yowzah!


Thursday Challenge: Red

9 Feb

This is my entry for the Thursday Challenge: Red.

Title: Traffic

A red jeepney stops the flow of traffic when it waits for passengers in a busy intersection in Cagayan de Oro City.

Assertiveness 101, Lesson # 1

3 Nov

The Ubiquitous Philippine Jeepney

That thief of a conductor really pissed me off last night. I should have complained the moment he returned my change for my 500 peso bill. Imagine! 70 pesos from Camp Phillips to Gaisano! Potah! The student fare is only 35 pesos from Camp Phillips, Bukidnon to Gusa, Cagayan de Oro City and I only pay seven pesos from Gusa to Gaisano City Mall. The total correct fare is much less than 70 friggin’ pesos! Lamentably, I only complained when I arrived in Gaisano. That insolent teenage boy only refunded 10 pesos to me then rode off in the jeepney. Potah! It’s a good thing I don’t usually commute in that kind of jeepney: it travels to Bugo and has the license plate number KVR 971. Take note of that and avoid it!

Moral of the story: be assertive when you know your rights! Complain. Don’t be conned by a lowly con-ductor!

Your Last Letter

by Arlene Yandug

is typewritten.


as usual.

This time

the wit

and fondness

is gone.


Like fishbone.

At the bottom,

your signature

betrays yourself:


like tear



like claws


on heart’s


Your Last Letter by Arlene Yandug. Bituon. A Literary Folio of Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan. Vol 1 2008.