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23 Oct

It’s been a long while since I’ve blogged. Some things happened that shook me up. My expectations were blown to pieces, I got knocked out and didn’t even know what hit me, and, now, I’ve woken up a slightly different person than I used to be. I can’t go back to the way things once were. It seems I’m not going to post about manga that much anymore. The only story I follow these days is “Kuroshitsuji”. I’ve quit the photography club I’ve been part of for two years. I’ve quit my addiction to a certain person and started a new one with cigarettes. I changed the color of my hair only a few hours ago. But some things have remained the same. I’m still in love with photography and I intend to learn more despite not having access to the perks of being part of an organization. I’m still writing – I always have – and I’m keeping a new journal. I’m still a music person. I haven’t changed for the worse, I guess, because I still have my true, loyal, and gentle friends. Oh well, the only question left is, “What’s next?”


Detective Conan: Chapters 727 – 739

26 Jun

All images are properties of their respective artists.

Detective Conan by Gosho Aoyama

Chapter 727: Happy White Day

The widow tells the tragic love story that was her motive behind the murder.

Chapter 728: Air on the G String

The little detectives are stranded in a remote place under the rain.

Chapter 729: Genius

Ayumi has found an important clue!

Chapter 730: The Secret of the Diary

Conan has figured out the culprit of the kidnapping case!

Chapter 731: Ryoma

Excitement is building up for an upcoming exhibition of artifacts related to Sakamoto Ryoma, the Japanese historical figure.

Chapter 732: Breakthrough

Kaitou Kid has already broken in but the key players don't know it yet!

Chapter 733: The Cleaning

Kid uses water to clean up the 'dirty' exhibition.

Chapter 734: Demon Dog

The caretaker meets the boy detectives and the victim is supposed to be "asleep".

Chapter 735: Vengeful Spirit

The frightened lady isn't the killer after all!

Chapter 736: The Inubushi Family

Conan and the gang meet the remaining members of the Inubushi family for the first time - including their dog, Hachi.

Chapter 737: Sphere

Conan and the other detectives are on their way to inspect another mysterious place related to the Demon Dog case.

Chapter 738: Footprints

Ran and Kazuha show the detectives the footprints that the Demon Dog had left behind.

Chapter 739: Princess

Conan and Hattori have mostly figured out the mechanism of the Demon Dog...except for one small thing: how did it escape?

Bride of the Water God: Chapter 78 – 84

26 Jun

All images are properties of their respective artists.

Bride of the Water God by Yun Mi-kyung

Chapter 78

Habaek is free to leave the Emperor's palace now that Nakbin is dead once and for all.

Chapter 79

This is the first time that Habaek's parents met.

Chapter 80

Habaek has approached Shin Nong's mother for help in retrieving Soah from the Moon Palace.

Chapter 81

Soah can't show her face to Mui because she is ashamed of her previous behavior.

Chapter 82

Moora has done a despicable thing in the name of an obsessive love.

Chapter 83

After many long years Habaek has met his father again.

Chapter 84

Suh Wang Moh and the Emperor have come to an agreement.

xxxHolic: Chapters 202-205 Plus Special

23 Jun

All images are properties of their respective artists.

XXXholic by CLAMP

Chapter 202

Doumeki and Watanuki talk about the latter's change throughout the years since becoming the store owner.

Chapter 203

Watanuki encourages the culinary efforts of a supernatural guest.

Chapter 204

Doumeki destroyed an evil spirit using his newly-acquired weapon.


Watanuki meets Shaoran and his friends again after a long, long time.

Chapter 205

It seems that an old friend of Watanuki has a connection to the young spirit residing in the store.

Hajime no Ippo: Chapters 886-898

23 Jun

All images are properties of their respective artists.

Hajime no Ippo by George Morikawa

Chapter 886: Now What!?

Ippo is helpless against Woli’s onslaught!

Chapter 887: No Excuses

Ippo seems to be at the end of his rope.

Chapter 888: Desperate Resolution

Ippo attempts another comeback with a wide, heavy punch.

Chapter 889: Invisible Hindrance

Woli is finally giving in to exhaustion!

Chapter 890: The Wild Child Grounded

Time to clash!

Chapter 891: Traces of Accumulation

A deciding moment? Woli is holding on to the ropes while Ippo charges in!

Chapter 892: Your Specialty

Ippo is gaining the upper hand in the second half of the match.
Chapter 893: Trap vs Infinity

Woli can trap his opponent if he's in the corner and Ippo is preparing his Dempsey Roll punch!

Chapter 894: This is a Boxer

Ippo is able to barrel a strong punch into Woli in this later round.

Chapter 895: Simply Amazing

Ippo is bombarded with questions from his eager fellow boxers immediately after waking up.

Chapter 896: The World’s Shining Light

Two old coaches agree on one last dream.

Chapter 897: After the Rumble in the Jungle

Ippo doesn't feel like the victor after facing off with an amazing opponent.

Chapter 898: Goal for the Class A Tournament

The Class A Tournament is coming up and Manabu has an unusual goal.

Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn!: Chapters 281 – 294

22 Jun

All images are properties of their respective artists.

Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn! by Akira Amano

Chapter 281: The Remaining

Irie explains the origins of Byakuran’s minions.

Chapter 282: Farewell Future

The Vongola are saying their farewells in their final hours in the future.

Chapter 283: Shimon Middle School

The Vongola guardians are divided in their feelings for the newly transferred students.

Chapter 284: Transfer Students

Kyoya has found a match in the formidable transfer student.

Chapter 285: Gathering

Trouble brews between Kyoya and a member of Shimon at the start of the schoolday.

Chapter 286: Empathy

Tsuna thinks he has found an understanding friend in Enma.

Chapter 287: Urgent Call

Vongola and Shimon meet to listen to Gokudera's suggestion.

Chapter 288: Bodyguard

Ryohei and the smart-looking (but actually stupid) guy from Shimon are challenged in a study competition.

Chapter 289: Tension

Yamamoto tries to teach Kaoru baseball but the latter's shyness is a stumbling block.

Chapter 290: Communication

Guard Duty is also an opportunity for Reborn to observe the mysterious Shimon Family.

Chapter 291: Ninth

The Ninth Vongola Boss has a serious talk with his chosen successor.

Chapter 292: Consultation

Enma, the leader of the Shimon Family, decides to test Tsuna's character.

Chapter 293: Misunderstandings

Tsuna chooses his words carefully in stating his decision to deny the title of Tenth Vongola Boss.

Chapter 294: Decision

Ryohei found Yamamoto in his bloody state from an unexpected attack.

One Piece: Chapters 577 – 588

21 Jun

One Piece by Eiichiro Oda

Chapter 577: Major Events Piling Up One After Another

The Pirates appear to be losing so Captain Buggy makes his escape.

Chapter 578: A Present to the New Age

Jimbei desperately tries to rescue Luffy from the murderous clutches of the Marines!

Chapter 579: Seconds of Courage

The last pounding moments of the war between Pirates and Marines!

Chapter 580: End of the War

The Pirates are allowed to escape...for now.

Chapter 581: The Creeping Future

Luffy's recovery is left in the able hands of new friends.

Chapter 582: Luffy and Ace

Luffy has partially recovered physically but he is still deeply hurt over Ace's death.

Chapter 583: Grey Terminal

Young Luffy was determined to befriend 10-year-old Ace.

Chapter 584: The Polchemi Incident

Polchemi proceeds punish Ace and Sabo when they attempt to rescue Luffy.

Chapter 585: Brother’s Cups

Sabo spills the truth about his noble birth.

Chapter 586: A Fetid Town

Sabo's adopted brother, Stelly, knows all about High Town's wicked plans for Trash Mountain.

Chapter 587: I Will Not Run

Dadan has come to rescue Ace and Luffy!

Chapter 588: Sabo’s Ocean

Ace and Dadan had escaped the fires of Trash Mountain.

Hunter X Hunter: Chapters 300 -310

21 Jun

All images are properties of their respective artists.

Hunter X Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi

Chapter 300: Insurance

Gon will proceed to his next step now that Kumogi is completely healed.

Chapter 301: Memories

Pufu makes a dash to complete a murderous plan for Kumogi.

Chapter 302: Target

Unity of feelings and thoughts is the consequence of offering themselves to save the king.

Chapter 303: Pain

Pufu spouts deceit in an attempt to wrestle Kumogi from the Hunters and kill her afterwards.

Chapter 304: Magic

Pufu convinced Werefin to participate in his plan of deception.

Chapter 305: Bad Luck

Now that he knows Kaito is dead, Gon will use his full power.

Chapter 306: Relief

Gon delivers a fatal kick to Pitou's body.

Chapter 307: Loss

Gon is in a rage as he beats up the deceased Pitou!
Chapter 308: Flash

The King senses the presence of the Hunters and has decided to eliminate them.

Chapter 309: Competition

Confusion engulfs Palm because of Pufu's deception.

Chapter 310: Start

The King has recalled a precious memory.

Claymore: Chapters 102 – 104

21 Jun

All images are properties of their respective artists.

Claymore by Norihiro Yagi

Chapter 102: Demons from Above

The abyssal feeders have come to the rescue!

Chapter 103: Reminiscence of the Abyss

Priscilla has remembered the events from a long time ago involving Clare and Teresa.
Chapter 104: Reverberating Anguish

Projectiles from the Awakened twins attack Priscilla!

Fullmetal Alchemist: Chapters 105 – 108 (Final)

20 Jun

All images are properties of their respective artists.

Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa

Chapter 105: On God’s Throne

A storm of power is about to crash down and threaten the lives of humans around the world.

Chapter 106: The Abyss of Pride

The final battle is heating up as our heroes don’t pass up this last chance to defeat Father.

Chapter 107: The Final Battle

Father is trapped by Colonel Mustang in a life-sized oven!

Chapter 108: The Final Chapter

The final battle is over and the remaining central characters are left to deal with the aftermath and revise history.