Bagyong Urduja

26 Nov

The city of Cagayan de Oro experienced heavy rainfall for the past two days as tropical storm ‘Urduja’ passed through southern Visayas and parts of Mindanao.

NDCC: 2 dead, roads impassable in ‘Urduja’ wake

‘Urduja’ moves eastward

Signal up in 20 areas because of ‘Urduja’

‘Urduja’ displaces more than 400 families


My brother’s school had to suspend classes for two days because of flooding. That is usually the case when it rains heavily. Yesterday, my sister’s school also had to suspend classes because it was inaccessible due to the flood. My school, however, was spared from flooding but I had to brave the murky water pooling on the roads along my commute.

My brother said that, as he rode the jeepney on a detour, the homes located on the riverside were engulfed by the rising water.

The rain has stopped now, the sky has cleared, and the sun is shining again. ‘Urduja’ left a lot of damages in it’s wake but life goes on.


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